Perfectly Personified Pets 


My house is full of animals, we have a dog and two cats.  Our animals have a lot of personality.  Each one is very different from the other yet they all get along.  They are loved for their different skills and abilities that make them unique and entertaining. 

My dog Boomer  gets scared easily but still gets aggressive around other dogs.  He loves a certain type of toy brand called the Kong, it calms him down. So does my cat Andy, Boomers best friend.  Andy is an orange tabby that looks exactly like Garfield.  Andy also has the same personality as Garfield, he likes to eat and lounge around a lot  so I build forts for him.  He also like to sit in your lap for hours.  My cat Griffin is the most talented of my animals because he can open doors and cabinets.  We toss him ice and he has the ability to hit the flying ice with perfect accuracy and catch it in his mouth.

As you can see animals are the gateway to happiness.  It is because they are so different that they all get along with each other so well.  It is their unique qualities that provide hours of endless entertainment and fun to our family.

What is your favorite animal?  What type of personality do they have?

Daisy's Look Darin via Compfight